How to Get a Meeting with Anyone Author Stu Heinecke

How to Get a Meeting with Anyone Author Stu Heinecke

stu heineckeIn This Episode We Discuss:

  • Stu’s journey from growing up in New England to moving back west to his birthplace and attending USC
  • How Stu changed the direct response industry by injecting humor in the form of cartoons to make direct response history
  • What is Contact Marketing and how you get a meeting with anyone

About Stu Heinecke:

A Wall Street Journal cartoonist, hall of fame-nominated marketer and business author, Stu Heinecke seeks truth and the magic of life in all things he cartoons and writes. Born in Los Angeles, he grew up in the picturesque New England town of Sudbury, then headed west to return to his place of birth to attend USC and begin his career.

As a marketer, he flipped convention on its head by showing how powerful humor can be as a device in advertising, creating countless record-breaking campaigns for many of the world’s biggest direct marketers. In How to Get a Meeting with Anyone (2-2016), Heinecke explores a long-hidden form of marketing–dubbed “Contact Marketing” in his book–that has been quietly helping salespeople and business owners connect with those who are most critical to their success, with micro-focused “contact campaigns.”

His other books examine cartoons as marketing devices (Drawing Attention, 3-2011) and feature a collection of his cartoons, as seen in The Wall Street Journal and elsewhere (Big Fat Beautiful Head, 12-2013).

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