How Steve Hall Led His Company Past $200 Million Using Conscious Capitalism

How Steve Hall Led His Company Past $200 Million Using Conscious Capitalism

In This Episode We Discuss:  

  • How Steve Discovered Conscious Capitalism
  • How Steve Leads His Team
  • How Steve Views His Legacy

About Steve Hall:

I started driversselect in 2004 but my real journey began in 2010 when I discovered Conscious Capitalism (CC) which led me to my higher purpose and why I wanted to be an entrepreneur. After experiencing the workplace environment for 18 years I witnessed first hand the positive & negative impact workplace cultures had on people’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health-including my own. CC taught me that business is the most powerful resource for positive change & I believed I could leverage the driversselect platform to reimagine the way people viewed the workplace. I realized how the workplace captured people’s attention for 40-50 hours a week- a real opportunity to have a positive influence and shape people’s lives. This drive for reimagining the workplace turned into a vision of creating a workplace that taught people the importance of values I learned early on in life that I felt gave me meaning. Things like being vulnerable (transparent), taking ownership (walking my talk; following through on my commitments); celebrating small success (practicing gratitude every day) and showing up with a learner mindset (being curious and never stop trying to be qualified for the leadership position I was given). I believed the workplace could be structured in a way that helped others develop these traits and if so would not only make them show up to work as a better person but also at home, around their friends and in their local community. I believed if you spent 8-10 hours at work practicing vulnerability and gratitude, taking more ownership, and being more curious and committed to learning than you are likely to be more vulnerable, grateful, committed, supportive and curious at home with family and friends. As our engagement increased our revenues grew- from just under $40M to over $200M. We attracted national attention & in Sept 2017 we were purchased by the Sonic Automotive Group. We are excited to expand our culture of CARE to the 10,000+ employees.

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