Billion Dollar Legacy Podcast


Inspiring stories with today’s most successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, and multi-millionaires hosted by Jon Schumacher.

Billion Dollar Legacy Podcast


Inspiring stories with today’s most successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, and multi-millionaires hosted by Jon Schumacher.


Compassionate Leadership and Capitalism with Blaine Bartlett

  In This Episode We Discuss:   How company leaders can create more compassion for their people Why company culture is the key to compassion Shifts that need to occur to create a more compassionate capitalist system About Blaine Bartlett: Blaine Bartlett is CEO and President of Avatar Resources, a global leadership development and consulting firm he founded in 1987. He has coached and consulted worldwide with executives, companies, and governments and has personally delivered programs to more than a quarter of a million individuals and has directly impacted more than one million people worldwide. Blaine is an Adjunct Professor...

Investing Your Money with Purpose with Joel Solomon

  In This Episode We Discuss:   How to invest your money for social and environmental change. The biggest societal shifts to make the world a better place. How small business and the public can participate. About Joel Solomon: Joel Solomon is the author of The Clean Money Revolution: Reinventing Power, Purpose, and Capitalism. He’s the Chairman of Renewal Funds, a $200 million mission venture capital firm. He has invested in over 100 early growth-stage companies in North America, delivering above market returns while catalyzing positive, social and environmental change. Connect with Joel Solomon: Joel’s Website Renewal Funds...

Business Veteran David Greer Shares His Top Strategies for Success

  In This Episode We Discuss:   Why you should have 100 conversations before you launch a product. Why hiring for culture trumps hiring for talent. The most important processes to grow your business. About David Greer: David J. Greer is an entrepreneurial coach, author, and professional speaker. He is the catalyst who gets you to fully live your dreams now. Spend one hour reading his book Wind In Your Sails, attend a one hour talk with him, or get one hour of 1-on-1 coaching and you will have 3 concrete action items that will shift and accelerate your business...

How Leaders Can Select, Develop, and Promote Top Talent with Jamie Schneiderman

  In This Episode We Discuss:   How people increase their odds of finding a career that they love. How leaders increase their odds of placing people in the right spots. How CareerSpark and other leading technologies can assist leaders in finding and placing top talent. About Jamie Schneiderman: Jamie Schneiderman is the Founder and CEO of Career Spark, the leader in Predictive Career Mobility that helps organizations to understand what drives success and to easily and consistently select, develop, and promote top talent. He believes that job performance depends on people working in the roles they are built to...

WD-40 CEO Garry Ridge Discusses How to Lead with Empathy vs Ego

  In This Episode We Discuss:   How the best leaders lead with empathy vs ego. What attributes make for a Soul-Sucking CEO. How WD-40 has created a billion dollar company full of happy people. About Garry Ridge: Garry O. Ridge is CEO and a member of the board of directors of WD-40 Company. He joined WD-40 Company in 1987 and held various leadership positions in the company before being appointed to CEO in 1997. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of San Diego where he teaches leadership development, talent management, and succession planning in the Master...

Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life with Lynne Twist

  In This Episode We Discuss:   The Three Toxic Money Myths that are Keeping You Unhappy in Life. How Lynne Turned Down a Donation from the Largest Food Company in the World. Why Money is Like Water, a Currency. About Lynne Twist: Lynne Twist is a global pro activist, speaker and author of the best-selling book, The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life. She is the co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance, a social profit organization that is an alliance between indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest and conscious, committed people in the modern world, for...

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