Billion Dollar Legacy Podcast


Inspiring stories with today’s most successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, and multi-millionaires hosted by Jon Schumacher.

Billion Dollar Legacy Podcast


Inspiring stories with today’s most successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, and multi-millionaires hosted by Jon Schumacher.


How James Orsini Joined Gary Vaynerchuk to Build a Media Empire

  In This Episode We Discuss:   How James met Gary Vaynerchuk and become his COO (and now President of The Sasha Group). What are the latest trends in digital marketing. Where The Sasha Group and VaynerMedia are headed next. About James Orsini: James Orsini is President of The Sasha Group, a VaynerX company. Working alongside Gary Vaynerchuk, its CEO and serial entrepreneur, Orsini leads the group to help small business reach explosive growth potential. The Sasha Group provides educational, consulting and marketing services for companies from $1 million to $100 million in revenue. Orsini held previous positions as Chief...

How Wes Schaeffer Built a Sales Company Helping Over 5,400 of the World’s Top Experts

  In This Episode We Discuss:   How Wes transitioned from corporate sales to being an entrepreneur. How Wes manages The Sales Whisperer. How Wes stays so productive by prioritizing his personal time first. About Wes Schaeffer: Wes Schaeffer is The Sales Whisperer®, a pigheaded entrepreneur who rehabilitates salespeople and trains their managers. He's a reassuringly-expensive copywriter, sought-after speaker, and marketing automation aficionado. He is the author of 2.5 books on sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship, host of The Sales Podcast and The CRM Sushi Podcast. He has helped 5,400 of the world’s top speakers, authors, coaches, and sales professionals achieve...

How Robert Hartline Manages Multiple Businesses Generating More Than $100M

  In This Episode We Discuss:   Robert’s entrepreneurial journey How Robert manages multiple businesses generating $100M How fast start entrepreneurs like Robert, start and hand off businesses About Robert Hartline: Robert Hartline went from selling cell phones from the trunk of his car in college in Murfreesboro, TN to building a chain of 57 wireless stores called Absolute Wireless along with Callproof (a software company), Dang It Repair (a phone repair business with 8 locations) and Hytch (a carpooling service which launched in September 2017). Robert Hartline is a serial entrepreneur who built his businesses that are currently generating...

Finding Your Own Heaven on Earth with Martin Rutte

  In This Episode We Discuss:   Martin’s journey as an entrepreneur and how he got into action working with some of the largest companies in the world. The three question process for defining the life you want (what Martin calls Heaven on Earth). Examples of others who got past “I can’t do that” and started taking their first steps. About Martin Rutte: Martin Rutte, an international speaker and management consultant, is President of Livelihood. Martin has worked with such organizations as The World Bank, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Southern California Edison and Virgin Records, helping them expand their outlook and...

How to Have Tough Conversations with David Wood

  In This Episode We Discuss:   How David became a top coach to leaders around the world. David’s four-part framework for artfully managing tough conversations. How business leaders can have tough conversations with their teams. About David Wood: David Wood is a former consultant to Fortune 100 companies including Sony Music, Chanel, and Exxon. David left his cushy Park Avenue job 20 years ago to build the world’s largest coaching business. He became #1 on Google for “life coaching”, serving an audience of 150,000 coaches, and coaching thousands of hours in 12 countries around the globe. He is also...

The Halftime Institute’s Lloyd Reeb Shares How to Move From Successful to Significant Through Service to Others

  In This Episode We Discuss:   A three-part mental framework to get clear and get into action when creating your second half life plan. Why focusing on the solutions to your life plan too early leads to confusion and what to do instead. How to create a clear plan that gives you more fulfillment during the second half of your life. About Lloyd Reeb: Lloyd Reeb, a successful real estate developer, made a midlife transition, looking for greater meaning, joy and impact in his second half. For over 20 years, Lloyd has helped leaders make their second half their...

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