How to Build a Story Brand That Matters with Haley Boehning

How to Build a Story Brand That Matters with Haley Boehning

In This Episode We Discuss:  

  • How the right stories help build a brand that matters.
  • Tips for creating more compelling stories.
  • How Conscious Capitalism modeled Haley as a leader.

About Haley Boehning:

Haley Boehning is co-founder and principal at Storyforge, where she helps business leaders achieve the clarity and alignment necessary to tell and live meaningful stories, so they can build brands that matter.

Haley has decades of experience working for and with Fortune-500 companies, nonprofits and start-ups to elevate storytelling and build differentiated brand positions, and is a regular speaker, lecturer and author on the subject of storytelling, brand strategy and conscious capitalism.

Haley is the vice chair of Conscious Capitalism Columbus and a founding member of The Matriots, Ohio’s first multi-partisan PAC dedicated to electing more women to public office.

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