How to Have Tough Conversations with David Wood

How to Have Tough Conversations with David Wood

David Wood Tough Conversations

In This Episode We Discuss:  

  • How David became a top coach to leaders around the world.
  • David’s four-part framework for artfully managing tough conversations.
  • How business leaders can have tough conversations with their teams.

About David Wood:

David Wood is a former consultant to Fortune 100 companies including Sony Music, Chanel, and Exxon. David left his cushy Park Avenue job 20 years ago to build the world’s largest coaching business. He became #1 on Google for “life coaching”, serving an audience of 150,000 coaches, and coaching thousands of hours in 12 countries around the globe. He is also the author of “Get Paid For Who You Are,” with a foreword by Jack Canfield. He coaches high performing entrepreneurs, executives and teams to create amazing results and deep connection — one tough conversation at a time.

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