How to Build a Rich Legacy for Your Family with Bradley Callow

How to Build a Rich Legacy for Your Family with Bradley Callow

In This Episode We Discuss:  

  • How busy families can build a rich legacy for their children so they can pass on more than just money, but values and principles.
  • Bradley’s story from depression and drugs to helping children and families around the world.
  • How managing expectations and experiences are the keys to a thriving family unit.

About Bradley Callow:

Bradley Callow is revolutionizing the way affluent families teach and learn passion, performance and perseverance.

Despite coming from a good family in one of the most affluent counties in the United States, Bradley narrowly escaped prison and death.

From an early age Bradley had a insatiable drive to be an entrepreneur. Sadly at the age of 11 he began battling both depression and addiction, which eventually lead to him give up hope on ever being a successful entrepreneur.

Without a purpose, Bradley quickly spiraled completely out of control and found himself on his knees with a gun to his own head at the age of 24.

Although he didn’t pull the trigger that day, his self-destruction continued and resulted in handgun charges that carried a three year prison sentence that helped lead him to turn his life around.

Bradley is now dedicated to providing the inspiration, tools and blueprints for transforming how families interact with themselves, each other and the world.

In 2016, Bradley Founded Rich Legacy which has rapidly become a trusted resource for Fortune 10 Executives, Inc. 50 Entrepreneurs, and Middle Eastern Royals and their families.

As an award winning international speaker, Bradley lives for his time spent creating lasting transformation by opening the eyes, hearts and minds of parents and children everywhere.

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